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Coaching Packages

"Working with Justina led to multiple massive and powerful breakthroughs... Her insightful, intelligent, caring, authentic, supportive, loving, deeply knowledgeable, and guiding nature is one that easily and beautifully brings light where there was dark, clarity where there was haze, and unity to where there was disconnect. I cannot recommend working with Justina enough."

Chase Fein
Chase Fein,
Actor / Producer
Custom Designed Coaching Programs

We custom-design a program based on what you want to create in your life and career, and how you would like to go about creating that. I will help you get clear about the options you have and guide the sessions in the most powerful way possible.

There is no cookie-cutter method to get you to where you want to go, only the most effective—guided by your agenda and my expertise. It is all about creating a powerful support system for the personal and professional results you want. 


TurnAround Package

The TurnAround Package consists of 8 one-hour coaching sessions taken within a 4 month period. (We coach approx 2 x a month.)

US $440 per month (2 hrs per mo.) x 4 months. 


US $1,650 paid up front (save $110)

For travel to your home/office add $50 per session.

BreakThrough Package

The BreakThrough Package consists of 8 one-hour coaching sessions taken within a 2 month period. (We coach approx 4 x a month.)

US $880 per month (4 hrs per mo.) x 2 months


US $1,650 paid up front (save $110)

For travel to your home/office add $50 per session.

Single Sessions

New Client?

If you have not previously worked with me and would like Hypnotherapy and/or NLP, I offer single sessions in 90 and 120 minute blocks. However, if you want coaching or one of my programs, please choose a package from the lineup above. 

Already Completed a Package?

My style of support often brings powerful change and creates results very quickly, and many of clients see changes right away. At the same time, some clients choose to continue to work with me—sometimes for a number of years—because they love the support and continued growth that ongoing sessions brings.

If you've already completed one of my packages you can book singles sessions in 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute blocks. 

Prices are based on the hourly rate of US $240. For travel to your home/office add $50 per session. Click on the button for info on the options --->

"There is something very present about Justina. She reminded me to live in the present from moment to moment and to tap into the infinite possibilities of greatness that lies within us all"

David Ajala
David Ajala,
Actor, The Dark Knight, Fast & Furious 6, Law & Order UK
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